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Preparing for Animal Air Freight Transport

If you are getting ready to ship an animal via air freight transport, you should be aware of the basic requirements needed for the animal to be accepted. There are regulations governing the provision of humane care and the types of crates and containers allowed, but these are things that we can help make sure are in place.

The Right Container

Our service can construct any custom crate needed for air freight transport of any mammal allowed from zebras to giraffes to monkeys. It is important to remember that every crate is considered a perishable commodity by transport services. Our crates are crafted to withstand the rigors of travel for repeat use, but the liability policies of transport services will rarely insure the crate as well as the animal. Each crate is made to meet the guidelines for humane transportation in providing adequate room for the animal and attached bowls for water if needed during travel.

Preparing the Animal

All animals must have recent health certifications from a Veterinarian that provides documentation of all required shots and vaccines according to the US air travel guidelines and the guidelines of the receiving local. If the animal will require quarantine by arrival, we can help you make arrangements for that. Many vets do not advocate the use of sedatives, but some animals do travel better with them. Do not feed an animal within 4 hours of travel, but do make their prior meal carbohydrate heavy to provide them with extra sustenance but reduce the risk of nausea. Contact us to find out more about the specific preparations for preparing your animal for air freight travel, we can assist you with recommendations, crate provision, travel arrangements and animal care during freight handling.