About Us

Animal Air was founded in 1962 to provide a service dealing with the shipment of
animals in or out of Miami International Airport. We provide all aspects of equipment and
handling services to our customers sending or receiving animals through Miami. Our
personnel team of 11 handlers are all very knowledgeable in the shipment procedures of
all types of animals. We pride ourselves on being courteous to both humans and animals
in this business. Every year our employees are required to attend a refresher course to
keep them updated on the latest technologies, safeties, and regulations in the animal
transportation business.

Animal air Service has been through many modifications through the years including
handling cargo at one point. As for now the cargo aspect is being re-structured and e hope
to start offering our services in the near future.
We have a fleet of trucks that have been converted to handle most types of animals that
would arrive o depart from here in Miami. These include, but are not limited to, exotic
animals, fish, lions, cattle, horses, and even giraffes.
Our rates are competitive and we try to save our clients money and work with them
however we are able to.

The president, Rique Valdivieso, has been working with animals his whole life but has
been in this industry more than 35 years. He started at the early age of 16, while attending
veterinary school for four and a half years, by transporting thoroughbreds from Chile to
the US for his family in Chile. During these years he has been involved in all parts of
shipping and receiving animals so he knows all the ins and outs of the trade. He has
worked and managed transportation companies in New York and Miami that have
serviced Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, and Central America. Now, besides being
the President for Animal Air Service, he owns a cattle ranch located in the Pantanal in

Our Assistant Supervisor has been in this industry for over ten years and is very attentive
to the needs of all animals we ship out or receive.

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